Sealuxe Ritual Rose Bath Tea


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One of our foundation products, this mixture of rose and salts infuse your bathing experience with a bounty of rich nutrients from ancient seas. As you soak, the salt water alleviates your tired muscles, sore joints and general achiness, while the comforting scent of roses cradles your soul. Ingredients – Dulse, sea salt, Himalayan sea salts, Rose Geranium essential oils, Kaolin rose clay, Rosa Centifolia. Draw a warm bath and drop in the included reusable muslin tea bag filled with the bath tea. Slip into the hot water and let Ritual Rose alleviate those tired, achy muscles and joints.

Staff tip: cut up some lemons and add them to your bath. The smell of Lemon improves concentration and has a calming effect of tranquility, while leaning your skin soft and smooth.


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